Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The French, the Uruguayans and the Zambians

Zambia... not the most popular country in Africa;
the few people I know who have heard of it are either those that have visited Victoria Falls or those involved directly or not in Africa mining industry.

Because Zambia is located across what is called the Copperbelt, of the world's largest reserves of copper; and the country is Africa number one producer of the oldest metal known to men.

These past 18 months, I have visited this country over 10 times, essentially in the mining hub.
Once went to see the falls and for the first time I got all the up the capital city, Lusaka.

Zambian are very religious; and when it comes to doing business one can believe it is ideal, because they would be honest and sincere - I sure think they are - but when Karl Marx said that religion is the opium of the people he was perhaps referring to Zambians.

In my experience, they are the most soft, gentle and unfortunately passive people I have got to meet.
Great contrast when you visit their close neighbors from D.R.Congo (they deserve their own story on another day).

On my way here, about 20 minutes prior to landing , the pilot announced that we have been requested to wait for a little while as they are VVIP as he said arriving; the Japanese president I was told later on by a RPG-7 carrying soldier as I walked out of the plane.

We ended up going in circles over the town for about 9 times;
I had stopped counting at some point, but I could clearly make up the number of revolution we made as there is a massive shiny soccer stadium sticking out of the green during the approach.

I didn't mention I was traveling in a 12-seater and I was sitting right behind the pilots. So as we were happily going round and round I was curiously paying attention to try and catch our pilot checking if he could land. I may be wrong but I didn't hear him ask for any authorization, so he I was inspecting the town from above and counting how many times I had seen shiny stadium.

As for the title, I am writing this while watching the friendly between Les Bleus and La Celeste.

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